5th Grade


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In 5th grade science, we are using FOSS to cover 3 main areas of study: Earth and Sun, Mixtures and Solutions, and Living Systems. Each area allows students to engage, explore, elaborate, and evaluate. We are beginning the year with a short unit on the engineering process where students will use the Engineering Design Process to create their own prototype to test and evaluate. 

Our new science curriculum, FOSS, encompasses a variety of hands-on investigations that students will get to analyze. The first unit we will be covering is Earth and Sun. Throughout these investigations, students will be able to further develop their deductive reasoning and critical thinking skills. Students will also explore technology, engineering and the importance of innovation.

Social Studies / Home

In Social Studies, students will learn about geography while they learn about different topics throughout fifth grade. They will begin the year learning about the exploration and the colonization of the Western Hemisphere by researching famous explorers and their contributions to the world. We will then move on to the US government where we will focus on how it works and the election process. Finally, students will learn about expansion and reform in America by identifying how America evolved and changed through expansion, immigration, industrialization, and urbanization. 

In Mathematics, students work hard to master the basic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There is a high emphasis on number sense throughout the school year. As the year progresses, fractions and decimals are embedded within the operations. We will end the school year by focusing on geometric concepts like shapes, volume, measurement conversion, and line plots and line graphs. Our Go Math program uses a word problem approach. Within each lesson, students learn to work with numbers as well as solve both one step and multistep problems. 

Welcome to 8th-grade English Language Arts!

Students will be participating in a Reader’s Workshop Program allowing them to grow as readers and analyze different types of text. Students will develop the necessary skills in order to read independently and respond to reading by demonstrating an understanding of a selection. As students delve deeper into more complex texts, they increase their reading stamina and analytic skills. They advance their writing strategies and skills by writing both short and long pieces to develop stronger writing skills.

 The reading units that are covered are as follows:

  • Unit 1:  Interpretation Book Clubs – Analyzing Themes

  • Unit 2:  Tackling Complexity – Moving Up Level of Nonfiction

  • Unit 3:  Argument and Advocacy – Researching Debatable Ideas

  • Unit 4:  Fantasy Book Clubs – The Magic of Themes & Symbols

In fifth grade, students are exposed to several different types of writing styles and begin to develop their own person writing ‘voice.’  The main areas of writing that are focused on are:

  • Narrative Writing

  • Persuasive Writing

  • Poetry

  • Explanatory/Informational Writing

  • Opinion Writing

  • Research Based Writing

Meet the 5th Grade Teachers

My name is Mrs. Lieberwirth, and I am a 5th grade teacher at Troy Hills Elementary School. This is my first year as a 5th grade teacher, although I worked in 5th grade when I taught special ed years ago. I spent the last ten years as a 4th grade teacher, and before that, I was a Resource Room teacher here for seven years. I earned my Bachelor’s Degrees in Elementary and Special Education from the University of Delaware. I'm currently obtaining my Master's Degree at Augustana University, which I will finish this May. I love interacting with children and seeing the goals that they set and reach throughout the year. My goal is to inspire each student to push themselves to be the best student they can be. Away from the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my two boys, hiking, reading, and Jazzercising.  

My name is Susie Scholz, and I am happy to join the Troy Hills staff this school year.  I have been teaching in the district for 23 years.  I’ve taught second, third and fifth grades.  I have an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Special Education.  I love teaching fifth grade because we have the opportunity to get students ready for middle school.  We focus on organization and skills needed to become a more independent learner. 

My name is Mrs. Weiss, and I look forward to teaching your child as their 5th grade teacher! I have taught either 4th or 5th grade at Troy Hills School for the past 16 years. I also have worked as a tutor for both math and writing at multiple levels. Yet, one fun fact is I did spend one special year as a first grade teacher before coming to Troy Hills.  My education for both my Bachelor’s Degree and Graduate classes were done through Montclair State University.  I believe in teaching the whole child and helping them meet the challenges ahead.  I also try to build a love of learning and want my students to do work they can celebrate and be proud of!  Personally, I have 3 young boys in elementary school for the first time, as my twins have started Kindergarten this year! It is my privilege to be a part of this special year in your child’s life as well!

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